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May 18, 2008
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002A El Chupacabra by dragon-kun15 002A El Chupacabra by dragon-kun15
002B El Chupacabras, (Translation: The Goat Sucker)

Location: Puerto Rico , but has been sighted throught the Sothern United States, Mexico, Central and South America.

Type: The diffricult part is that no one is truly sure to classify it. It's belived to be everything from a demon, to an Extraterrestrial
and even an escaped lab experiment gone wrong.

Evidence: Sightings, videos, and an astounding number of livestock multilations

Possible Population size: I belive there are more than one. Prehaps a sizeable breeding population. This may account for sightings that took place great distances from each other at relitivly the same time.

My thoughts and theories:
The cryptid known as El Chupacabras is a very strange case indeed. The problem with describing the creature is the multitude of conflicting information on the creature's description. The most common descriptive features of the creature are it's resembeance to a classic gray alien with porcupine-like spines on its back and razor-sharp claws. The creature has sharp fangs and possibly a probuscious-like appendage that it uses to suck the blood out of livestock, of which goats seem to be it’s favorite type of meal (Thus earning it the name “Goat Sucker”;).
They seem to be most active in warm climates and sightings of the creature seem to originate from Costa Rica. Though the biggest rash of sightings happened in Mexico in the mid 90’s. Since then, sightings of the creature have been reported as far south as Chilie and as far north as Maine.
The creature's behavior also varries. Some reports of the creature state it was curious, playful, and mischievous; others say the creature was shy and timid, while other reports state it to be very aggressive, blood thirsty, and even borderline sadistic. Many of the reports state various physical and supernatural abilities, from super-human strength, nausea inducing screeches, chamelion-like camouflage abilities, and even flight through bat-like wings.
Due to it's reported sightings, the creature has gained a sort of cult status. The creature has been imortalized in merchandise and television shows (Such as Scooby-Doo, The X-Files, The Venture Bros, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and was even featured in a one-shot Fantastic Four comic. The creature was even featured as enemies in the Diablo and Castlevainia series.
Closing statement: I believe that Chupacabras exist in one way or another. With so much of the rain forests of Central and South America un-explored, it is possible for a undiscovered species to go on living without being discovered. As a personal statement, El Chupacabra is not only my favorite Cryptid, it's one of the few I truly wish to know the truth about.

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Cryptid Files: [link]
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MegamanNeos Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008
Awesome! Most people don't use descriptions to draw El Chupacabra, but you did! And am I crazy, of does he look like a mutant Grey?
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008
Yeah, that's what I figured too. It's descriptions always seem to resemble a grey, it's also a very logical explaination.
MegamanNeos Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2008
Also El Chupacabra's M.O. of draining fluid from animals without mauling the flesh is somewhat similar to those reportedly UFO-related cattle mutilations.
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2008
That too.
rodimus45 Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
wheres 2A?
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
Good question.
I figured by the time I submitted this, someone would have made 2A.
I guess I should change it.
rodimus45 Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
kathy-lu Featured By Owner May 19, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
dude, James./... xD thats crazy <3.
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner May 19, 2008
Thank you.
baragon2001 Featured By Owner May 19, 2008
yah go goat sucker hes one of mine fav cryptids to can i put this pic on my chupacabra page on my site

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