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029C Mongolian Death Worm by dragon-kun15 029C Mongolian Death Worm by dragon-kun15
Cryptid 029C Mongolian Death Worm

A.K.A. Allghoi Khorkhoi

Location: Gobi Desert, Mongolia & China

Type: The creature is described as being an annelid-esque worm creature.

Evidence: Sightings and Legend

Possible Population size: Unknown, more than likely there is a sustainable breeding population.

My thoughts and theories:
The Mongolian Death Worm, known to Mongolia’s nomadic tribesmen as the allghoi khorkhoi (sometimes given as allerghoi horhai or olgoj chorchoj) or ‘intestine worm’ for its resemblance to a sort of living cow’s intestine. It is said to be red in colour, and is sometimes described as having darker spots or blotches, and sometimes said to bear spiked projections at both ends. They are said to be thick bodied and between 2 and 5 feet long.
The creature is reported to be able to spray an acid like substance that causes death instantly. It is also claimed that this creature has the ability to kill from a distance with some sort of super charged electrical charge. Numerous Mongolians have reported seeing this creature including a Mongolian Premier. The creature is reported to hibernate during most of the year except for June and July when it becomes active.
It is believed that touching any part of the worm will bring instant death, and its venom supposedly corrodes metal. Local folklore also tells of a predilection for the color yellow and local parasitic plants such as the Goyo. It is also believed that the worm likes to get out on the ground generally after the rain, when the ground is still wet.
Multitudes of theories about the creature have sprung up, from it being a type of land-dwelling electric eel, to a type of spitting snake, and even a giant leech.
Closing statement:
Although there have been several expiditions mounted to find the creature, no proof of it's existance has been found and the creature has yet to be sighted by westerners. Despite this, locals firmly believe in its existence and none are willing to even go near known haunts of the creature. What makes this an even more frustrating cases is the creature's prefrence to the prohibited areas of the Mongolian/Chinese border.
I don't think the Deathworm is a malevolent creature. I think it's more of a simple-minded creature that just happened to have evolved extreme defense mechanisms/hunting techniques. Despite this, the Mongolian Death Worm is a very dangerous and unpredictable cryptid. I do not recomend attempting to find this one for your self; after all, if local legends are true, than you are as good as dead.
File End.
Cryptid Files: [link]
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MTARIOS Featured By Owner May 10, 2014
The whole electricity and acid seems to be a bit....I don't know....redundant? What's out there that this thing needs both extremely corrosive acid and electricity to either kill prey or (this is a much more scary thought) defend itself?
pokemonsdoom Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2008
if that is real God help us God help us all great work
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2008
Thank you, it is a terrorfing story.
pokemonsdoom Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2008
yah but reading it over makes me think the mongolians are making it up to scare tourist
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2008
pokemonsdoom Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2008
i bet when people are leaving they'er laughing
Okamifan Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2008
Giant worms are awesome, and this is no exception!
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008
Thank you.
Dragonsmana Featured By Owner May 30, 2008
Awesome! Love the death worm!
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner May 30, 2008
Thank you, I'm very proud of this one.
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