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Crypt061A Dover Demon by dragon-kun15 Crypt061A Dover Demon by dragon-kun15
Dover Demon

Location: Dover Massachusetts, United States

Type: Extratrestrial

Evidence: Sightings

Possible Population size: One (although it is possible there is more than one)
This bizarre case has mystified cryptozoologists and fortean investigators for decades. Often associated with ufology - due in no small part to the fact that this creature's physiology is uncannily similar to the notorious race of aliens commonly referred to as the "greys", there are some researchers who have speculated that the short burst of sightings involved with this event may actually lend credence to the oft held speculation that the Dover Demon was not of this world.
The story begins on April 21, 1977, when, at approximately 10:30 p.m., a young man by the name of Billy Barlett, along with two friends, was driving down Farm Street near Dover, Massachusetts. As the teenagers drove past the loose, stone edifice known as the "Farm Street Wall", Barlett noticed some movement out of the corner of his eye.
At first he assumed that the motion was caused by a dog or some other kind of animal, but as his headlights bore down on the creature, he realized that it was like nothing he had ever seen. Barlett described this enigmatic entity thusly:
"It looked like a baby's body with long arms and legs. It had a big head about the same size as the body, it was sort of melon shaped. The color of it was... the color of people in the Sunday comics."
Barlett continued by stating that the creature had large, orange eyes and a hairless body, with what appeared to be a rough textured epidermis. He further elaborated that this animal had large hands and feet, complete with elongated digits, which Barlett claimed the creature used to grasp the loose rocks along the wall.
As if this account weren't fascinating enough, just two hours later (and approximately one mile away), 15 year-old John Baxter, while walking down a lonely stretch of road en route home from his girlfriend's house, spotted what he described as a child-like figure approaching from down the street. When the figure spied Baxter it apparently fled into the woods adjacent to the road. Baxter, fearing for the welfare of who he assumed was an unfortunately deformed neighborhood boy, pursued the enigmatic being through the dense cluster of trees, over a shallow brook and across a field.
According to Baxter, he lost sight of the figure and finally halted at the bank of a shallow gully. No doubt winded by the pursuit, his gaze fell across the gully and he was treated to his first clear view of the creature, which was purportedly leaning against a tree. Baxter described the following moments in his account:
"As I was looking really close there I could see the eyes, it was looking at me, I just stared at it for another few minutes, and then I just got all these thoughts that maybe it was something really strange. 'Cause, you know, nothing ever happened to me like this before, so I didn't know what to think. So I finally got the thought that maybe it wasn't as safe as it looked, 'cause the way it was staring at me it just seemed like it was...I don't know. I got all these feelings that it was thinking to itself, or waiting to spring or whatever, you know, and so I backed up the bank kind of fast and my heart started beating really fast."
Baxter, who left the forest in a panic, drew the animal that night and later described the creature to authorities, giving a description which matched Barlett's account down to the last detail, including the huge, orange eyes. In the ensuing media circus, Baxter insisted that he had reported his encounter without any prior knowledge of Barlett's sighting.
The third, and final, encounter that the residents of Dover would have with this creature occurred the following evening, when this animal was spotted by 15 year-old Abby Brabham and 18 year-old Will Taintor. They claimed that the creature in question was thin and sitting on "all-fours" by the side of the road, near the edge of a bridge. Brabham compared the beast to a large headed, hairless primate:
"As I looked at it it kind of looked a minute like an ape. And then I looked at the head and the head was very big and it was a very weird head, It had bright green eyes and the eyes just glowed like, they were just looking exactly at me."
Almost all of the eyewitness were asked (separately, of course) to sketch the creature which they had seen. The results were astounding to say the least. The only discrepancy between Brabham and Taintor?s accounts, and those which were given the night before, was the fact that Brabham insisted that the creature?s eyes were not orange, as previously described, but green. Some investigators have pointed out that light reflecting of an animals? eyes (especially headlights) often creates an entire spectrum of hues, and that this minor difference in no way devalues the eyewitness testimony. This is a problem often faced by Skunk Ape investigators, who more often than not, have to rely on testimony given by passing motorists.

Closing statement:
Almost as soon as news of this event was reported, investigators Loren Coleman, Ed Fogg and Walter N. Webb, descended on the region in order to collect as much evidence as possible. All three investigators came to the conclusion that there was no evidence of a hoax.
As to the identity of the Dover Demon, it is difficult to speculate. Its like has not been seen again in the Dover area, and although its physical description bears a passing resemblance to the notorious "Hopkinsville Goblins", most investigators believe that this E.T.-like entity may have been an unlikely visitor from a far off world.
Personally, I think it is cute, and I'd love for our little visitor to return some day (Of course, I find weird featureless-creatures cute).
File End.
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