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Cryptid 014H Mothman by dragon-kun15 Cryptid 014H Mothman by dragon-kun15
Cryptid 014F Mothman

Location: Point Pleasant, West Verginia, United States

Type: Extratrestrial

Evidence: Sightings

Possible Population size: One

(Note, this was originaly writen by my friend Amber. She doesn't have a DA account, and when I told her about this, she gave me premission to use a article she wrote in her Live Journal. The picture on the otherhand, is mine.)

After doing some research on aliens (a subject that I'm actually very fascinated by) I came across a couple of interesting articles. These articles are about sightings of a creature, larger than a human, with dark skin, huge wings, and glowing red eyes. What’s really scary is that these sightings took place at different time periods, in different countries, and always followed by horrible disasters.
The first article I encountered is about the “Man-Dragon” of China. The events surrounding this creature's first appearance began in 1926, somewhere in the south-eastern foothills of China, near the region where one of the largest dams the world had ever known (although, it was only the second largest in China), the Xiaon Te Dam was located. Almost overnight rumors began to spread in the farming communities beneath the Xiaon Te regarding a huge, black, winged creature that locals dubbed “The Man Dragon” which had frightened several people, and was seen hovering above the dam.
On the afternoon of January 19, 1926, the Xiaon Te Dam collapsed sending over 40 billion gallons of water crashing onto the unwitting farmers below. Entire villages were destroyed beneath the crushing impact of this torrential, man-made deluge, which resulted in a horrific death toll of over 15,000. Although most records of the disaster were destroyed by the incumbent communist regime, many Survivors of the calamity confirmed that the Man-Dragon showed itself not only at the doomed structure, but to many of its victims as well.
More recently there have been reports from the Russian newspaper Pravda, which state that Chinese newspapers have chronicled an event in which several people were purportedly warned of the imminent crash of one of China Northern's MD-82 aircrafts. The warnings were said to have come from a large, dark, man-like creature with wings. These reports have yet to be confirmed.
The second article I encountered is a little closer to home. The creature is called the “Freiburg Shrieker”. What is unique about this case is the fact that the creature in question did not torment the witness, but, in all probability, is responsible for saving 21 lives.
The event began on September 10, 1978, at a coal mine in Freiburg, Germany. Employees of the mine were astounded to find the entrance to the mineshaft blocked by a mysterious terrifying black figure with huge outstretched wings.
Several of the men tried to approach the creature and enter the mine, thinking it might just be an apparition. They were forced to retreat, however, when the creature let out a series of unbearable piercing shrieks "like 50 people screaming" or "the brakes of a train." After an hour or so of waiting, the befuddled men began busying themselves with cleanup outside the mine, all the while hoping that the creature would go away. Then at approximately 8 a.m., the ground beneath them shuddered with the tremendous force of a gigantic, subterranean explosion.
When the men returned to the mine shaft they discovered that the Shrieker was gone, replaced by a huge column of smoke and flame, which spewed from the entrance of the mine - a conflagration that surely would have sealed their fate had they been manning their posts within the mine.
One of the worse cases is that of the “Black Bird of Chernobyl”. Beginning in April of 1986, a rumor tore through the ranks of what was then a little know nuclear power plant located in the southern tier of the Ukraine - Chernobyl. In the days preceding the tragic meltdown, four Chernobyl employees had reported seeing what they claimed was a large, dark, headless man with gigantic wings and fire-red eyes. Much like the other cases, the Chernobyl employees began to share unsettling and strangely similar experiences.
Some had been having horrifying nightmares, while others received threatening phone calls. According to accounts, some of these employees even mentioned their bizarre experiences to their superiors at the facility, but without evidence or any clear cut indication of what the problem may be, there was very little these officials could do - even had they been willing to take action.
On April 26, 1986, during a routine test of Reactor 4, a massive explosion rocked the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Thirty people died that morning, followed by ten additional deaths due to radiation poisoning. Over the next nine days the graphite of the reactor continued to burn, resulting in tremendous environmental damage and an untold number of radiation casualties over the next 17-years.
As the Soviet helicopters circled the smoldering plant, dropping over 500 pounds of clay, sand, lead, and other extinguishing chemicals on top of the flames, some of the surviving workers (who, at the sacrifice of their own lives, heroically struggled to prevent any further destruction) claimed to have witnessed what has been described as a "giant bird" gliding through the irradiated smoke, which continued to spew from the reactor.
Finally, I’d like to point out the most well known case of this phenomenon, the infamous “ Point Pleasant Mothman”. Said to resemble a large, headless humanoid with gigantic wings and glowing, red eyes in what should be the creature’s chest; the Mothman terrorized the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia for a good thirteen months. IT had been sighted along the highways as well as near the 700-foot long Silver Bridge. All of this came to an abrupt, and tragic, conclusion; when, on December 15, 1967, the Silver Bridge, which spanned the Ohio River, collapsed during rush hour traffic plunging 67 people into the frigid water. Forty-six of those who plummeted into the icy depths perished
Closing statement:
Of course, all of this is left up to speculation, but the proof is there. Descriptions of the “creatures” are similar, witnesses claimed that the creatures appeared near the structure that was to eventually fail and take lives, and what I forgot to mention is that there were reports of “Men In Black” in both the Mothman case and the Shrieker case. So I end this with a simple statement. “If you see a big, winged, headless critter; get as far away from the area as quickly as possible, because something is going to happen, and it might cost you your life.
File End.
Cryptid Files: [link]
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revfultz12 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010
i live in point pleasant and u no it sposedally has arms and wings but not a bad job and love the reaser but sighting of the beast go back sevral hundred years in our area
Dragonsmana Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008
Cool! But it should be 014H, I submitted 014G earlier.
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008
yeah, I changed that after I realized it.
Dragonsmana Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008
Oops, this is more my bad, I just NOW realized I didn't put it on the list. Sorry man.
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008
It's cool.
P.S. Did you ever notice that Mothman kinda' looks like a Muppet?
Dragonsmana Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008
Hmmm... I don't really see it. Maybe something from something along the lines of the Dark Crystal or the Labyrinth (which terrified me when I was younger for some reason).
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2008
Actually, now that I think about it, he reminds me more of that "Hair Monster" from Looney Tunes [link]
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