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May 24, 2008
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Cryptid 023A The Wendego by dragon-kun15 Cryptid 023A The Wendego by dragon-kun15
Cryptid 024, The Wendego

A.K.A. Witigo, Witiko and Wee-Tee-Go

Location: Northern United States and Canada

Type: Hairy Humanoid

Evidence: Scattered Sightings, some dating back hundreds of years

Possible Population size: Indistinguisable.

My thoughts and theories:
Considered by many modern paranormal researchers to be an alternate (or regional) name for the more traditional hairy-hominid known as Sasquatch, the Wendigo is considered by most Native American tribes (particularly the Inuits) to be another - and infinitely more dangerous - breed of beast altogether.
Known to different North American tribal groups by the names Witigo, Witiko and Wee-Tee-Go, this animal is almost universally described as being a lanky, 15-foot tall, beast-like phantasm, with glowing eyes, long, yellowed canine teeth, and a hyper-extended tongue. This quasi-animal is almost always depicted with a coat of matted fur, but there are some eyewitness accounts which insist that the creature is hairless and covered with a sallow, jaundiced skin. Based upon these descriptions it is not surprising that this being has inspired terror in all who have encountered it.
Achieving international acclaim in Algernon Blackwood's 1907 short story called "The Wendigo", legends of this animal date back for centuries, and have almost always been associated with the act of cannibalism. In fact, one persistent tale details the Wendingo's origin as being that of a human who was forced to resort to consuming his peers (no doubt in an unfortunate Donner Party-esque situation) in order to survive a particularly brutal Canadian winter.
The sole survivor of this ordeal was corrupted by his actions and possessed by evil spirits who transformed him into this hideous monstrosity. The legend insists that all those who have participated in the act of cannibalism (even in order to survive) risk the chance that they themselves may be transformed into a member of this bloodthirsty, half-corporeal, species.
Legends such as these have persisted (especially in northern Ontario) even into the 20th century, assuming almost the same position that Werewolves once dominated in Europe throughout the middle ages. There is even one intriguing case which hails from October of 1907 (a popular year for the Wendingo), which involved a Cree man named Jack Fiddler, who had claimed to have killed 14 of these monsters during his lifetime.
The story garnered international attention when the then 87 year-old men was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a Cree woman, whom he claimed was on the verge of transforming completely into a ravenous member of the Wendingo clan. Neither Fiddler, nor his son Joseph, hesitated in pleading guilty to the crime, but both insisted that their decisive action averted what could have quickly become a profound tragedy for the other members of their tribe. Until the end of his days this Native American "Van Helsing" held true to his conviction that the sacrifice he and his son had made was indeed a noble one.
Closing statement: Although the creature seems to mostly exist in legend with little to no proof of it's existance, I've always been told that there is a little truth to every tall tale. This one in particular may be easily be denounced as someone retelling his whitness to the ghoulish sight one might find when stumbling across an individual enguageing in the act of cannibalism. Possibly, a lone man with weeks of hair growth, driven insane by his deeds, perched over the remains of peers and growling like an animal might very much so look more monster than human to us. On the other hand, with so much of the Canadian fronteer unexplored, it is also possible that a horrific creature like the Wendego may exist. Even our own bodies could hide ressive geans that, when triggered could revert us back to a more primal state.
After all, every culture around the world has at least one legend revolving around humans acheving in-human transformation.
File End.
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