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June 27, 2009
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Cryptid072B Loveland Frogmen by dragon-kun15 Cryptid072B Loveland Frogmen by dragon-kun15
Cryptid072 Loveland Frogmen
Location: Ohio River, Loveland Ohio

Type: Humanoid Hybrid

Evidence: Sighting from credible sorces

Possible Population size: Unknown

The story of the Loveland Frogmen begins on a barren stretch of road that runs along the Ohio River in Clermont County, just on the outskirts of the small town of Loveland Ohio. At approximately 3:30 a.m. in May of 1955, an unnamed business man claimed to witness three bipedal quasi reptilian creatures gathered at the side of the road. The business man pulled over to the curb and observed the creatures for what he estimated to be about 3 minutes. He went on to describe the creatures as being between 3 and 4 feet tall, covered with a leathery skin and having webbed hands and feet.
Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of these creatures however is there distinctly frog like heads, which the business man reported to have deep wrinkles where their hair should have been. As the anonymous business man watched the three “frogmen” on of the creatures suddenly held up with the witness described as some kind of wand above its head, he further claimed that sparks spewed out of the top of the wand. Upon witnessing this strange site the business man fled the scene fearing for his life.
The next documented encounter with the Loveland Frogmen occurred at approximately 1:00 a.m. on March 3, 1972, when a police officer, who chose to remain anonymous, was traveling down Riverside Road heading towards Loveland. The officer claimed that he was driving slowly, due to overly ice roads, when he saw what appeared to be a dog on the side of the road. Suddenly the creature darted out in front of the cruiser causing the officer to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting the unknown animal. When the cruiser came to a stop the head lights fell upon a crouched frog like creature.
Quickly the creature stood on two legs stared back at the officer; its eyes illuminated by the high beams, and scrambled over the guard rail, down the embankment and finally vanished into the Ohio River. The officer described the creature as being 3 or 4 feet tall and weighing in the area of 50 to 75 pounds. He also stated that the skin had a leathery textured, and that the animal’s resembled that of a frog or lizard. Later that evening another officer returned to the scene but found no signs of the animal, but did report that there where distinctive scratch marks on the guard raid that the creature reportedly scrambled over.
Another sighting by a police officer, Mark Mathews had an encounter of his own two weeks later. According to Officer Mathew’s report he spotted what he believed to be an injured animal on the pavement while driving into Loveland. Mathews stepped out of his cruiser with the intention of removing the injured animal from the ice slicked road. As Officer Mathews got closer to the body the creature lurched upwards into a crouched position. Startled by the strange creatures frog like appearance, Mathews drew his gun and fired at the creature, wounded the “frog man” limped to the side of the road and slide over the guard rail. Officer Mathew’s description of the frog like creature matched that of the other officers sighting two weeks prior.
Years after his original sighting, Officer Mathews has some what changed his story. He now claims that creature he saw that night was nothing more than a large reptile which had escaped from its owner. He further insisted that the reason he shot at the creature was to help confirm a fellow officer’s story. Wether or not Mathews changed his story due to ridicule or a fading memory of an event which took place one dark night on an icy road outside of Loveland. In the many years following this small string of sightings there has been no reported sightings of the strange creatures which has become known as the Loveland Frogmen.
Closing Statement:
A intresting crytid. I've always been facinated with human/animal hybrid cases, especially human/reptile or human/bird hybrids. Although a little far fetched, this creature was sighted by three credible witnesses with alot to loose by coming foward with these sightings. So the question is, why would they come foward unless this is what they really saw.
It is possible that these creatures are a unknown species of giant toad. Possibly mutated by chemical wastes (the Ohio River isn't the cleanist water sorce in some areas). As for standing on it's hind legs, I'd say that's a possible defense mechanism. Many species try to make themselves look bigger in order to intimidate preditors or potential threats (and I'd say the trigger-happy Officer Mathews is a hell of a threat, definately don't want to be around him during halloween or he might pump my Godzilla costume full of holes).
As for the "Magic Wand".... that's a good question. Maybe these frogmen know the Patronus charm (Sorry by the way if I sound a little condescending or sarcastic, it's just my smart@$$ side having a little too much fun. I really do belive in most of the creatures I do for the cryptid files, I'm more or less just rambunctious from a bit too much caffeine, besides, it's four in the morning where I am, and I get reaaaaalllly silly when I'm a little tired).

Cryptid Files: [link]
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Neat! I never cared much for the wand part. Just made it seem way to "fantastic" for it to be true. Unless they found some left over 4th of July fireworks lol. But as for the Frogmen themselves, its not totallly out of the realm of possibility.
Well you know them frogs love to play with roman candles.
As for the frogmen, gotta love the idea of frog-people running agound. Definately up there with the SC Lizardman as one of my favorite hybrid cryptids.
Ya, not saying they are impossible, just that its a real stretch of the imagination for them to be literal hybrids. Did ya hear that the original Lizardman witness died recently?
Really? Wow, we're loosing everyone. Seriously, I didn't
know, did it say what he died of?
Murder. Heres the article.

Holy crap! That's insane!
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