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Nexus Beast: Spider Queen by dragon-kun15 Nexus Beast: Spider Queen by dragon-kun15
Name: Spider Queen
Original Form: Reiko Jorogumo
Length: 16' 3"
Weight: 1403 lbs
Stat Changes: Defense and Speed decreased moderately; Attack, Jump, and Super Increased moderately

A wicked cackle can be heard throughout the town, as a twisted shadow can can be seen slinking around the rooftops. Before they can even blink, the Spider Queen drops down on her prey. Her eyes wide with anticipation, and her lips contorted into a sadistic grin. She cackles madly before uttering words that makes her victim's blood run cold...
"... Now be a good little insect and die for your queen..."

Spider Bite (grabs and bites the opponent, with a 50% chance of poisoning)

Guilty As Sin (Sends chains from both her hands at once, tripping the opponent)

Bloodletting (Stabs the opponent then slams them into the ground) [Charge Effect: Hangs them upside-down for a few seconds, draining more blood before slaming them]

Xenophobe {Anti-air} (Fires a chain horizontaly, if opponent is caught, She'll fling them to the other side of the screen)

Bloodlust Frenzy (Sends a chain at the opponent, if opponent is caught, she will wrap them up and slam them around the screen)

Artist's note: One of the creatures I looked foward to drawing the most (Kraken and Balrog were my other two, hell Reiko, Ash, and Finn are my three favorite characters in general, when the time comes, and I actually make this damn thing, they are going to be the characters I'm going to play as the most.) I am a little dissapointed that my scanner doesn't pick up the extra "Eyes" in her hair though. I should have made them bigger.

AGundam Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009  Hobbyist
spiders are one of those things that are creepy but cool to me
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009
Yeah, I've noticed that many people have a kind of morbid fascination with spiders.
I've also noticed that many supposid arachnophobics seem to also find spiders fascinating. I myself was shit-my-pants scared of spiders when I was a kid, but I've sort of developed a respect/love of spiders to an extent.
The are, after all, really cool-looking.
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