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Rebecca Lanslay, Kaiju Form by dragon-kun15 Rebecca Lanslay, Kaiju Form by dragon-kun15
Name: Osseous
A.K.A. Rebecca Lanslay, Becky, The White Monster, Experiment #923
Height: 50 Meters
Weight: 1300 Metric Tons
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Orange-Red
Natural Defenses and abilities:
-Parts of her body are covered in armor made of bony plates that is extra resistant to injury
-Keen senses
-Can run at excess 192 mph
-Teeth are sharp enough and strong enough to bite through steel
-Has a bite force of 2000 Pounds per square inch
-Can jump 50 Meters vertically and 200 meters horizontally
-Can telepathicaly communicate with other Kaiju-morphers. (This ability can incedently be heard over radio friquencies, so they can communicat with humans as well)
-Regeneration (As long as brain is intact, she can recover from any injury)
-Sonic Pulse (A sonic boom created when she roars at a certain pitch)
-Bone Sword (an organic blade made of calcium that is concealed under the bone plating on her right arm)
-Sonic Cannon (A upgrade of her Sonic Pulse attack that is concentrated into a powerful blast of energy)
-Super Bone Armor (Her body becomes covered in thick and heavy bone armor, giving her higher defense but greatly lowering her movement capabilities)
-Dark Osseous (Allows her mind to revert back to it’s original state)

Within the confines of every-day life, there exists the secret organization "Zenith". A worldwide organization who's primary objective is world domination. In their studies, the scientists of Zenith stumbled upon a way to modify DNA using alien technology, allowing subjects to transform into massive chimerical creatures dubbed "Kaiju" after a phrase for giant monsters coined by Japanese cinema.
Originally using convicted criminals or individuals suffering from incurable diseases as human guinea pigs, Zenith's experiments seemed severely unsuccessful, as only twenty out of nine hundred survived the changes alone. In the end Zenith turned to creating their subjects, as it became more cost effective. It took only twenty-three tries before acquiring the most successful results yet.
Experiment No. 923 was the only truly successful experiment in creating the ultimate bio-weapon known as "Kaiju". With incredible combat capabilities, tactical intelligence that rivals even the greatest generals in history, and a cunning and aggressive mind, Experiment No. 923 would be the evil organization Zenith' s ultimate weapon for world domination.
That was until she escaped.
In a moment of desperation, Experiment No. 662 killed the guards watching over her, she then made a daring escape from Zenith’s American branch in Groom Lake Nevada. Before her escape ended she was caught in a battle with several guards, and during the cross fire, she released the violent and destructive Experiment No. 923. The two transformed then engaged in combat just outside of the compound. 923 ended up over-powering the weaker experiment. 662 received massive brain damage from the fight, loosing all of her human memories and running on pure instinct.
923 disappeared into the desert.
After wandering around in the deserts for five days, Experiment 923 suffered from heat stroke and would have died if not for the aid of Edward Lanslay and his sister Clare.
Due to heat stroke, Experiment No. 923 lost all personal memories, only having common knowledge left. Her once violent, ruthless, and cruel nature was replaced by a fun-loving and happy-go-lucky personality.
With no where else to go, Rebecca (as she would come to be named) was adopted by the Lanslays, where she lived peacefully, until a trip to Las Vegas turned ugly when Experiment No. 662 showed up in her Kaiju form. Rebecca and the Lanslays were caught in the chaos as the massive monster tore through the city like it was nothing. In a moment of misfortune, 662 cornered the Lanslays. 662 were only moments away from devouring the siblings when, in a moment of desperation Rebecca reflexively transformed into her Kaiju form and fought with the rampaging Kaiju. In the end, Rebecca was victorious.
Discovering her hidden powers, Rebecca vowed to protect her newfound family as well as the humans she had come to love so much.
Of course, her power would be needed, as Professor Valentine, the Zenith Organization's bio-weapon specialist and the founder of the Kaiju project vowed to retrieve his most powerful experiment by any means necessary.
Rebecca would eventually become the savior of mankind. Protecting human from evil Kaiju, and rescuing them from violent oppressors. This caused her (Kaiju form) to gain celebrity status. Eventually her Kaiju form would be dubbed Osseous by her fans. Loved by children and adults alike, and even worshiped by a cult that believes her to be a benevolent god, she continues to live her life in the sleepy little town of Goldfield Nevada while fighting for justice on the side.
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hotjazz Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
Can I color this?

I love it!!!!
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011
Sure, I'd be honored. Just let me know when you're finished.
She actually has a specific color scheme if you didn't know ( [link] ), but I really don't mind if you want to color her any set of colors you want to.
kathy-lu Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's fuggin nifty o-o

Joo bastaaahd! x3
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2008
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