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Umi Kagami, Kaiju form by dragon-kun15 Umi Kagami, Kaiju form by dragon-kun15
Name: Tsunami
A.K.A. Umi Kagami, the giant snake monster, Experiment # 837
Length: 166 Meters
Weight: 2300 Metric Tons
Eye Color: Gray
Natural Defenses and abilities:
-Capable of swimming in excess of 300 Knots
-Snake-like body can constrict with 400,000 pounds of pressure.
-Can telepathicaly communicate with other Kaiju-morphers. (This ability can incedently be heard over radio friquencies, so they can communicat with humans as well)
Acid Blast (Able to breath a powerful stream of natural acid that can corrode Iron)
Mind Crush (Able to Hypnotize opponents into a weakened state)
Hydrokinetic (Capable of controlling water with her psychic abilities)
Absolute Zero (Can freeze water using her psychic abilities and use it for various purposes)

At a very young age Umi was diagnosed with a devastating muscle condition that was slowly and painfully killing her. With little to no hope she sank into a deep depression that even to this day she never quite recovered from. When all seemed lost, Zenith’s top scientist, Professor Jason Valentine, approached her family. Offering to cure Umi’s condition in exchange for her cooperation in his research. Not realizing just what their daughter would be put through, her parents agreed to the Professor’s terms.
In the end, Umi became one of the Professor’s most promising experiments, as tests showed that she was fully compatible with the DNA modifications needed to become one of Zenith’s kaiju soldiers. Unfortunately, despite showing enhanced psychic abilities, the young girl was unable to morph into her kaiju form. Although deemed a failed experiment, she was still kept at the Groom Lake base for further study.
As luck would have it, one of Zenith’s most infamous escaped experiments would end up rescuing her. During one of their more daring raids on Zenith’s Groom Lake branch that would end up being the collapse of Zenith’s entire American branch, Rebecca and Trevor came across another experiment that was given a second chance by the organization. Seeming very docile, the two decided to take the young girl with them in order to make sure that she wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.
With a great debt owed to Rebecca for freeing her from captivity, she vowed to aid Becky by using her psychic abilities to detect foes before they are able to cause too much damage. After one incident, Umi was able to unlock her dormant Kaiju-Morphing abilities in order to aid her new allies. Resembling a massive sea serpent, the public would eventually dub her Kaiju form “Tsunami”.
Dragonsmana Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2008
Awesome! Love the submarine for comparison!
dragon-kun15 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2008
Thank you. I thought that was a nice touch.
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February 5, 2008
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